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first_imgAnnette FrancisAPTN NewsA law that gives First Nations full control over their education system is beginning to make a difference in the lives of students on the Nipissing First Nation.The Anishinabek Nation signed an agreement with Canada and the Province of Ontario in 2017.It means that they will control the education of almost 15,000 students.afrancis@aptn.ca@aptnafrancislast_img


first_imgAustralia will only secure sustainable benefits from the current resources boom if the Rudd Government’s first Budget implements a range of policy recommendations it proposes, says the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM). It has urged the Treasurer to implement measures that will capture the long term benefits of the mining boom, and that will continue to add value to Australia’s economy, environment and society. The CEO of The AusIMM, Michael Catchpole, said these measures would increase exploration and research activity, change the basis of higher education funding, provide incentives for women to remain in the workforce, develop nationally consistent safety regulation across the country and introduce an effective emissions trading scheme.“As the professionals in the minerals sector, our members are committed to using their technical knowledge for the benefit of the community,” Catchpole said. “In proposing policy settings across a range of ministerial portfolios, our submission takes the broader view on issues of future competitiveness and economic, social and environmental sustainability.”The AusIMM Pre-Budget Submission for 2008-09 puts forward policy recommendations in five key areas that are critical to the minerals sector. They are: exploration, minerals R&D, human capital, emissions reductions and health and safety.Increasing exploration levels in Australia is a clear priority for The AusIMM. “New exploration is the lifeblood of the industry. Australia’s share of global exploration has been declining in recent years, and only 36% of exploration undertaken last year was searching for new deposits. The AusIMM welcomes indications from the government that it will introduce a flowthrough shares scheme for explorers to stimulate exploration activity.”Catchpole said maintaining Australia’s excellence in research and development has also been identified as a priority. “The Australian mining industry has built up a competitive advantage by applying leading edge technologies which have increased productivity, reduced costs and also reduced impacts on the environment. Australia has an excellent record of government-research institute-industry collaboration that has resulted in stunning value-added results for our economy. This collaboration is not something we can take for granted. It requires a strong public commitment to funding for research infrastructure – centres of excellence and PhD studies. In a consolidated industry we need to ensure that global players continue to choose Australia as their preferred location for mining research.”The escalating professional skills shortage is another major impediment for the future development of the industry. It is a bizarre anomaly that in the midst of the nation’s biggest ever resources boom, university departments dedicated to minerals-related courses are closing. Catchpole said this was due to the inadequacy of the current formula that allocated funds on the basis of enrolment numbers. This had disadvantaged small, capital-intensive courses such as Mining Engineering and Geoscience.“A new funding formula must recognise the diversity in location of these courses and the staffing numbers and costs of infrastructure required to teach them to the highest standard. Disciplines of national importance must be encouraged to expand to meet growing and sustained demand.”In a bid to attract and retain professionals in the mining industry, The AusIMM has also urged the government to implement policy measures that would increase women’s participation in mining. It recommends that the government provide adequate assistance for a broad range of child care options, in particular In-Home care, or nannies. “Far from being a luxury, nannies are the only child care option compatible with mining rosters for many women working in the industry,” Catchpole said. “Members of The AusIMM Women in Mining network have reported paying in excess of $35,000 for child care – more than half their after-tax salary. Government assistance that recognises the real child care needs of shift workers in all sectors is essential if women are to participate fully in our economy – and if our economy and society is to maximise the benefit of that participation. One option is to make costs of child care tax deductible.”A nationally consistent approach to safety and health regulation is also a priority for The AusIMM. Companies that work in several states are required to comply with multiple regimes driven by a variety of compliance philosophies. Resolving the details and differences detracts from the real task of putting in place the most effective safety system possible. “Federal and state governments have taken steps towards nationally consistent safety principles through the National Mines Safety Framework, but the rate of progress has been slow,” Catchpole said. “We urge the government to make a strong commitment to the implementation of the Framework so that consistent, continuous improvement in safety and health can be achieved.”Finally, global warming is a major challenge of our times. The mining industry is well placed to contribute to a technology-based solution to global emissions reduction. In a metals-hungry world, the significance of energy efficiency improvements in the production of commodities such as iron ore cannot be underestimated.The AusIMM has urged the Government to implement a comprehensive technology policy that will complement its emissions reduction scheme. “In scale-intensive industries such as mining and minerals processing, the cost of developing new low-emissions technologies can run into billions, but these are the very developments the world needs if we are to maintain our standard of living whilst bringing down emissions,” Catchpole said. “Strong fiscal incentives are needed to encourage companies to take the ‘next big step’ in low emissions R&D.”last_img read more


first_imgBulk materials handling specialist Transmin has switched from using Rammer, to using Atlas Copco for the supply of all industrial hammers used in their rockbreaker range. Transmin sources all of its hammers via sister company Breakers & Attachments Equipment Group (BA Equipment). In addition, Transmin has announced the signing of a new Australian distributor agreement with Yoshikawa Corporation, a world leader in ‘circle feeder’ technology used in bulk-materials handling operations across a vast range of industrial sectors, including mining.On the hammer development, BA Equipment Managing Director Campbell Nunn explains; “The switch to Atlas Copco from Rammer reflects the technical advantages of the new Atlas range over its rivals, as well as the incredible scope of supply and support delivered by Atlas Copco. At BA Equipment we can be confident we’re supplying our clients with the best breaker solution available on the market, for the best price, and with the best support.”Atlas Copco is one of the world’s largest suppliers of industrial breakers and attachments. The current MB (medium) and HB (heavy) range of hydraulic breakers were introduced in early 2013 and boast a number of key improvements, most notably a significant improvement in power to weight ratio, marketed as ‘less weight, more power.’ The reduced weight therefore requires less input power, resulting in lower operating costs over the lifetime of the equipment.Transmin is a leading manufacturer of rockbreakers and hydraulic boom systems used in mining operations globally to break down oversize rocks as they pass through the materials handling process. The company manufactured the largest rockbreaker/hydraulic boom system in the southern hemisphere for Rio Tinto’s Mount Tom Price mine in northern Western Australia. Nicknamed ‘Big Bertha’, the machine has a 10 m boom and 7 m jib.The scope of the Yoshikawa circle feeder agreement covers all states and territories within Australia, and includes Yoshikawa’s full range of circle feeders and associated parts and servicing. Transmin Capital Sales Manager Phil Gilbert stated: “Circle feeders are a highly innovative and effective alternative to traditional belt and screw feeders. Thanks to their circular motion, they guarantee consistent draw-down of materials – ensuring ‘first-in, first-out’, whilst removing the risk of material ‘bridging’ and ‘sludging’. They also allow the potential for multiple material inlet/outlet points.The result for many clients is a more efficient, more flexible handling operation that experiences reduced material wastage and spoiling, a more reliable flow, and improved space-saving efficiencies. All of which can have a positive impact on the bottom-line.”Yoshikawa manufactures circle feeders for virtually any commodity or material – including coal and other bulk mined products. Each feeder is engineered to the specific attributes of the material being handled, with feeder diameters ranging from 30 cm through to 4 m. Rob Rhodes, Transmin General Manager comments: “The Yoshikawa range is in perfect alignment with Transmin’s own longstanding specialisation in bulk materials handling equipment manufacturing. For almost 30 years Transmin has developed a world class reputation for engineering and manufacturing innovation. Yoshikawa Corporation is a prime example of precision Japanese manufacturing with innovation at the heart of their business. No other company in the world delivers a comparable feeder alternative. The Yoshikawa range therefore adds an extra level of integration for us as a business; providing our clients with access to top-of-the-range feeder technology. We’re delighted to announce the signing of this agreement, and we look forward to growing the Yoshikawa line here in Australia, alongside Transmin’s traditional feeder lines.”last_img read more


first_imgEarlier this week we reported on the issue of trying to sit through a 2D film that was way too dark due to a 3D lens being left on a Sony digital projector. Ty Burr of the Boston Globe has investigated and tracked the problem down to a 3D lens that was too complicated to remove and risked the projector shutting down. He found movie theaters were deciding to leave the 3D lens on those projectors which is what is causing all these dark 2D movies.Understandably, Sony aren’t too pleased about the information circulating about this issue, and the fact its projectors are being blamed. Sony Digital Cinema got in touch with us to try and clarify the “inaccurate statements that are currently circulating on the web.”AdChoices广告The claims made against the Sony digital projector with 3D lens attached are as follows:Sony 3D projectors are the only ones to use two stacked beams of lightThe removal of the 3D lens is a complicated and time consuming process that is easy to get wrongSony 3D projectors are the cause of dark 2D movie playback if the 3D lens is left onFirstly, Sony states that they aren’t the only ones to use two stacked beams of light for 3D projection. Any projector using the RealD XL cinema system will have those same two beams, so you cannot rely on that fact to know it’s a Sony projector.Secondly, the complicated lens removal process is questioned with Sony stating a “trained technician” can change the lens in under 20 minutes. What we don’t know is whether the term !trained technician! extends to projectionists. We assume that it does, as it would make little sense requiring a technician to visit every time a lens needs changing. They also point out that lens changes don’t require accessing the projection system, only the front of the projector. It is also confirmed that a projector operator has to login to operate the digital projector and that it is standard practice for all digital projection systems.On the final, and most important point of a 3D lens making the movie darker, Sony confirms that the RealD filters do reduce lighting levels by 20%, but when running in 2D mode the filters are not in use so it shouldn’t be reducing the light output.So what we can take away from this is that changing the lens isn’t as complicated as first thought, and with the proper training a projector operator should be able to perform such a change between screenings. As to the issue of dark films, it seems that if setup correctly a 3D lens should be able to play a 2D movie without making them darker. But that relies on the RealD filters being turned off.The fact remains that people are visiting movie theaters and seeing dark 2D screenings. Something is causing this to happen, but as far as Sony is concerned their projector is not at fault. What we want to know is whether it’s easy to leave the RealD filters on when playing a 2D movie. If they can be left on, then that could be the cause of the dark movies. We are open to other suggestions as to the cause, though.You can view Sony Digital System’s 4K projection fact page and check out the details for yourself.last_img read more


first_imgThe military is known for engaging in top-secret, expensive, high-tech projects. These range from new vehicles and planes to weapons and armor. You may be surprised then to hear of the US Army’s latest project. Taking to task the horrible taste of Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), the Army has finally cracked the code of the sandwich.Gone will be the days of bland peanut butter, flavorless crackers, and freeze-dried meatloaf. This sandwich has meat, cheese, and lettuce inside delicious bread. If you’ve ever seen a Hot Pocket, this is similar. It may not be from a five-star restaurant, but soldiers like it.Shelf life is the cornerstone of any MRE, and this sandwich fits the bill: it stays fresh for two years. For food to rot, you usually need oxygen and water. MREs that eliminate water have great shelf-life, but horrible taste. The two-year sandwich doesn’t shy away from moist ingredients, but it uses preservation techniques to keep the H2O in check.When jams — which have high water content — are stored, they stay fresh because a) sugar locks in the moisture and b) the container is air-tight. These are the exact ingredients in the two-year sandwich. It has sugar, and a packet of iron fillings shares the vacuum-sealed wrapping. The iron draws in excess moisture, converts it into rust, and traps it.A sandwich preserved with this method won’t last forever, but two years will suffice for the Army. Considering the bile that soldiers are used to eating, a year less of shelf life will be a welcome tradeoff.via BBC and Popscilast_img read more


first_imgWILTON MANORS, FLA. (WSVN) – – Police have arrested a man who allegedly broke into a Wilton Manors thrift store and made off with the store’s register.Surveillance video showed the man breaking into a thrift store along Northwest Ninth Avenue and 23rd Street, April 14.Police said the man was identified as Devante Allen and arrested him, Wednesday.The video showed Allen smashing the store’s front glass door and going for the register before taking off.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img


first_img Led by Michael R. Vanner in Prof. Markus Aspelmeyer’s Aspelmeyer Group for Quantum Foundation and Quantum Information at the Nano- and Microscale, the team – which also included I. Pikovski, G. D. Cole, M. S. Kim, Č. Brukner, K. Hammerer, and G. J. Milburn – faced a number of challenges in devising their optomechanical scheme to fully reconstruct quantum states of mechanical motion. One of the most fundamental is the attempt to observe quantum mechanical behavior of a macroscopic mechanical object, since any potential quantum features would exhibit themselves only on truly miniscule scales. “For the mechanical structures that we consider,” Vanner explains, “one needs to resolve position displacements of about a femtometer,” or one-trillionth of a millimeter. “This is a mind‐bogglingly small distance that is, in fact, smaller than even the diameter of a hydrogen nucleus.”This then leads to additional challenges: In the attempt to measure an object’s position, the object moves and causes positional smearing by injecting uncertainty into the resulting position information, which is referred to as the Standard Quantum Limit (SQL). “The first challenge that we had to overcome was to find a method which circumvents the SQL,” Vanner continues. “The second was that making measurements of the position alone is insufficient to reconstruct a quantum state. This is because the quantum state contains all that is, at least in principle, knowable about the object. And so, one needs to also measure all the complementary properties of the state, such as its momentum, and to do so also in an equally precise manner.”Since no existing microscopy technology is capable of resolving quantum-scale features, the team addressed these challenges with optical interferometry. “Perhaps where we benefited most,” Vanner reflects, “was from the work of V. B. Braginsky, who made several seminal contributions to the field of quantum measurement1. In particular he introduced a scheme using short pulses of light that can overcome the SQL.” A short pulsed interaction can achieve this because the mechanical object has very little time to move during the interaction, and thus smearing can be dramatically reduced. “Braginsky developed this technique to make sensitive force detectors with the goal of detecting gravitational waves,” notes Vanner. “We’ve utilized this technique to allow for very sensitive position measurements. What we introduce in our proposal is a protocol using these pulsed measurements to perform quantum state reconstruction, which was our primary interest, and also a protocol to prepare low entropy squeezed states.” Proposed design and fabrication procedure for high-finesse optomechanical microcavities: Using microcavities provides optomechanical coupling rates many orders of magnitude larger than current millimeter or centimeter length scale implementations of optomechanical Fabry-Pérot cavities and can provide sufficient radiation-pressure interaction to resolve the small scale quantum properties of the mechanical resonator. Cross-sectional view with a quarter of the device removed. Uppermost (colored green) is the mechanical resonator supported by auxiliary beams. The optical field is injected into the device from below through a transparent handle (colored blue) and the curved rigid input mirror (colored pink) and then resonates in the vacuum-gap between this and the mechanical device before being retroreflected. Image: Copyright © PNAS, doi:10.1073/pnas.1105098108 Quantum behavior with a flash The state reconstruction scheme works in much the same way as many modern medical imaging techniques – that is, by taking images from many angles, as in X‐ray computed tomography, it is possible to determine the three-dimensional internal structure within the body. “Applying this analogy to our case,” Vanner continues, “the internal structure is the quantum state and the angles are its various properties: position, momentum, and their combinations. Our state reconstruction protocol uses appropriately timed pulses of light to access all these properties, thus providing a means to determine all the information in the quantum state.” An important point is that the team has analyzed the experimental feasibility and demonstrated that the scheme is realizable with current state‐of‐the‐art technology.Vanner is optimistic about the development of additional innovations and extensions in pulse sequences and measurements based on their pulsed design. “As an example,” Vanner notes, “we’re currently trying to compliment our work reported in PNAS by developing pulsed approaches to quantum state preparation. Combining such results with our state reconstruction results provides a complete experimental framework.”In terms of how their findings might enhance the future exploration of quantum mechanical phenomena on a macroscopic scale, Vanner points out that one important quantum mechanical phenomenon that is little explored in the laboratory is decoherence – the term given to the processes by which the environment surrounding a quantum object gains information about its state, often leading to the undesirable consequence of loss of quantum coherence between superposition components. “Decoherence is often regarded as one of the primary hindrances in efforts to construct a quantum computer. The quantum state tomography scheme that we have introduced can be used to observe and characterize decoherence, thus providing vital experimental data for the development of quantum mechanics based technology.” Moreover, adds Vanner, “It is a fascinating prospect that quantum information can be encoded into the motion of a mechanical object. This may lead to a number of interesting possibilities, such as transduction between flying qubits – i.e., photons – and qubits in a solid state device or superconductor. A pulsed approach may indeed be a feasible route to achieving this goal.”In addition to decoherence as discussed above, adds Vanner, “An attractive feature of the quantum state reconstruction scheme is that it can reconstruct and analyze any quantum state of motion. Thus, a large number of state‐dependent quantum effects can be studied. For example, one could utilize the fragility of a quantum superposition state as an extremely sensitive detector.”For Vanner, one of the key prospects is to see their design actually realized. “We’re currently building an experiment to implement our quantum state reconstruction protocol,” he concludes. “I’m finding it very exciting to be able to physically implement our ideas and begin to experimentally see behavior that is predicted in our theoretical model.” Citation: The quantum world writ large: Using short optical pulses to study macroscopic quantum behavior (2011, September 27) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2011-09-quantum-world-writ-large-short.html This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.center_img Explore further More information: Pulsed quantum optomechanics, PNAS, Published online before print September 7, 2011, doi: 10.1073/pnas.11050981081Related: Quantum nondemolition measurements: the route from toys to tools, V. B. Braginsky and F. Ya. Khalili, Reviews of Modern Physics 68, 1–11 (1996), doi: 10.1103/RevModPhys.68.1 Copyright 2011 PhysOrg.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of PhysOrg.com. (PhysOrg.com) — Einstein infamously dismissed quantum entanglement as spooky action at a distance and quantum uncertainty with his quip that God does not play dice with the universe. Aside from revealing his conceptual prejudices, Einstein’s rejection of these now-established hallmarks of quantum mechanics point to the field’s elusive nature: Coherent quantum mechanical phenomena, such as entanglement and superposition, are not apparent at macroscopic levels of scale. In fact, a common view is that on these scales quantum behavior is masked by decoherence, or even that quantum mechanics itself needs revision. Encouragingly, however, researchers at the Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology (VCQ), University of Vienna, have recently proposed an experimental design that would use a macroscopic mechanical resonator, short optical pulses and optical microcavities to realize quantum state tomography, squeezing, and state purification that could shed light on this elusive boundary between the quantum and classical worlds.last_img read more


first_imgKolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee would be visiting China in June end to attract more investments in different sectors of Bengal. Centre for Promotion of India-China Cooperation had invited the Chief Minister to grace a programme in China where there will also be discussions on trade and commerce. Banerjee will also address it. There are possibilities that the Chief Minister would be visiting Beijing, Yunnan Province and Jiangsu Province during her visit to China. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsThere would be discussions to attract investment for Bengal in food processing, automobile, healthcare, tourism and IT sectors. The development that Bengal has witnessed in the past six-and-a-half-years will be highlighted in the programmes and it will also come up during discussions with industrialists from different provinces of China. The state’s number one position in Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) in the country will also be highlighted. It is learnt that state Finance Minister Amit Mitra along with senior officials of the state government will be accompanying the Chief Minister during her China visit. A team of top industrialists from the city will also be a part of the Chief Minister’s delegation. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedDignitaries from China had invited the Chief Minister to their country during their visit to the state. Banerjee had earlier visited Singapore, Dacca, London, Scotland, Italy and Germany. Now, she would be visiting China. It may also be recalled that during her visit to Singapore in 2014, Governor of Yunnan Province Li Jiheng had met her and invited her to visit China. Again in 2015, Chinese Vice-President Li Yuan Chao had visited Kolkata and invited her to visit China. It may be recalled that around 30 industrialists from China had visited the Bengal Global Business Summit this year, including 10 industrialists who had visited India for the first time.The visit of the top industrialists from China in the BGBS had helped establish a connection with them and the business from the state. The Chief Minister’s visit to China in such a situation will ensure more investment for Bengal.last_img read more


first_imgSource = Harbour Town Adelaide Harbour Town Adelaide was awarded with the state’s highest accolade for excellence in tourism at the 2012 South Australian Tourism Awards over the weekend, winning the Specialised Tourism Services category. The award reinforces Harbour Town Adelaide’s position as the only shopping centre in South Australia that has been developed specifically for the tourist market offering exclusive access to a Tourism Benefit Program including a Tourism Club Card offering further store discounts and a relaxing Tourism Lounge. “We are proud to have been honoured with this award for our Tourism Lounge and Benefit Program at South Australia’s tourism night of nights,” Harbour Town Marketing and Tourism Manager Jessica Drake says. “From our unique Tourism Lounge and Tourism Discount Club Card, to a luggage minding service and a dedicated phone hotline direct to the Glenelg Visitor Information Centre, it’s no wonder outlet shopping at Harbour Town Adelaide is increasingly becoming a must-see on the itinerary of every visitor to South Australia. “Whether it is a small group of tourists visiting while waiting for their next flight, or a group of delegates attending a week-long conference, visitors to Harbour Town Adelaide are blown away by our Tourism Lounge and Benefit Program and, of course, the fantastic shopping experience across more than 130 stores.” Harbour Town is an active participant in the local, national and international tourism industry, attending trade shows, participating in co-operative marketing campaigns and building industry relationships with many tourism providers, industry groups and government organisations, such as the South Australian Tourism Industry Council who hosted the recent Tourism Awards. Harbour Town is Australia’s home of outlet shopping stocking big brands such as Cue, Tony Bianco, Lorna Jane, Bendon, Royal Doulton, Simone Perele, Sheridan, Globalize, JAG and Smiggle. Conveniently located only 15 minutes from the city and 10 minutes from Glenelg at 727 Tapleys Hill Road, parking is free and access is easy with a well linked public transport system operating daily. The South Australian Tourism Awards are the pinnacle of excellence within the tourism industry, rewarding innovation and fostering better business practices by setting benchmarks for all tourism operators to aspire to. Harbour Town Adelaide is proud to spread the word about its awarded Tourism Lounge and Benefit Program, providing added value and enhanced experiences exclusively to its visiting tourists.last_img read more


first_imgPolice said on Wednesday they had cleared close to 70 per cent of serious crime cases recorded in the first six months of the year.According to figures published by the force, out of 2,481 cases between January and June, 1,530, or 61.67 per cent, had been cleared.Serious crime includes murder, attempted murder, rape, attempted rape, arson, robberies, extortion, drugs, bombings and burglary and theft.Limassol held the lead in serious crime with 727 cases in the first six months – 445 have been cleared, a rate of 61.21 per cent.Nicosia came in second with 567 cases and a clearance rate of 54.85 per cent, or 311; Paphos saw 472 and the local force resolved 291, or 61.65 per cent, Larnaca, 425 cases, 295 cleared, or 69.41 per cent, Famagusta chalked up 219 cases with 158 cleared or 72.15 per cent, and Morphou, 71, 30 cleared or 42.25 per cent.As concerns petty crime, police said 2,882 cases were filed and 2,624, or 93 per cent, were considered cleared.Petty crime includes disturbing the peace, offences against property and malicious damage.According to police, 290 foreign nationals were deported in the first half of the year while an additional 67 were asked to leave the island. Authorities also refused allow entry to a further 626.It also said the number of irregular migrants reached 1,755, out of whom, 52 had been arrested, 700 were residing without permission, 959 were asylum seekers and 44 departed the island on their own volition.You May LikeFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoYahoo SearchResearch Compact SUVs. New SUVs May Make You Want To Trade Yours In Today – See For Yourself!Yahoo SearchUndoGundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementTop Cardiologist: Throw Out All Your Gluten Now (Not For The Reason You Think)Gundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more


first_imgAs a journalist visiting Cyprus, Anthony Patch had heard about the brothel-type bars in old Nicosia and felt compelled to investigate.Bars where men go to meet women for sexual services are easily found in Nicosia, particularly in certain parts of the old town.During the evening, the area is full of mostly young couples, but later on, when they all go home, and midnight turns into two and three in the morning, the bars there turn into an open ground for sex workers, pimps and drunk old men.Last Sunday, at about two thirty in the morning, I wanted to have a beer and I wanted to have it in one of these bars. I chose one right next to one of the main streets.The windows were hardly transparent and it was nearly impossible to view inside, but as soon as my friend and I walked in through the wooden door it was clear that the average patron was well above fifty. The bar smelled of sweat, cigarette smoke and stale beer. The air was heavy and the smells strong. An older woman on the dance floor threw small bits of paper into the air as we made our way through the crowd.When we made it to the bar I had two men either side of me. The bar maid – dressed in tight black – noticed us quickly and ordered us to move. We ended up in the far corner. It was a good distance from anyone else but provided an excellent view of the horror show.A bald man a few rows down was playing with the hair of a young woman as her arms hung around his neck. Another man with grey matted hair and dark eyes was trying to kiss the neck of a darker skinned woman.Another bar lady arrived quickly in front of us with a questioning look. She brought two beers and we drank them quickly. As soon as she noticed they had gone, she brought two more, telling us they were on the house. Moments later she was back with peanuts, sliced apples, crisps, olives, and hummus. It felt odd eating crisps and hummus in a dingy dive with groping going on in every direction.We kept drinking beers at top speed and the barmaid kept promptly replacing the empty ones with free beers. This carried on for a while and I remember wondering naively why she was doing this. Later, I figured out it was obviously a method of keeping male patrons drinking and interested in the women.Curiosity finally got the better of me and I got up to walk around. Behind me in a dimly lit part of the bar were three women sitting on the laps of three men who looked to be well beyond retirement age. An older fellow next to me at the bar – seeing me watching – looked over and said “those are nice Romanian girls – not expensive”.It was now four in the morning and the place was lively. The dance floor was sticky as I made my way through the couples to two women sitting alone by the door. They invited me to sit. One of the ladies was Ukrainian, the other Moldovan.The Moldovan woman asked if I wanted to sit alone at another table and I agreed. When she touched my hand, I could make out an obvious, poorly concealed cringe on her face. The attempt at intimacy was so forced and the touching so mechanical. The distance between her and real intimacy was probably so great that I wondered if she even knew how to feel anymore.Then came the questions that as a journalist I felt compelled to ask. I wanted to know how arranging sex with a woman worked so I asked if she would be interested. I felt ashamed to be deceiving her: no integrity, no decency, just cheap and disguised questions, no better than the crazy eyed bald man. She invited me to go to the bar and buy drinks, explaining that the drinks would be rung through the till at an inflated price and that that would be how her services would be paid for.She could probably sense the hesitation in my eyes. I told her I did not want to go through with it and asked for her number, thinking it wiser to speak about her life in a safer setting. She declined, and I then asked what was going to happen. She caught on. By refusing to pay I had made it clear that I was not a genuine client. She read straight through me – my cheap game was up.“Nothing happens,” she said. “If you like, we go for coffee or shopping tomorrow and that is all.”I brought the conversation to a close and made a weird and sudden exit from the table.Back at the bar the ladies were bringing the beer rapidly again and I tried to talk to the other men sitting by. They seemed confused by my presence, but I pushed on and tried to get information from them. They explained that the women were mostly all from Eastern Europe. I asked whether men received the services in the bar itself but they explained that that was illegal and risky and that you had to pay to take them home.By then my time was up. A bulky younger man approached me from behind. He asked forcefully who I was and although I tried pretending I was just some drunk tourist he continued to press me. While I tried to explain myself another man joined the circle. As I was sitting at the end of the bar I ended up in a strange caved off half circle with the two men in front of me and the wall behind. They eyed me up and down and said that I had to leave. No sign of my friend. Oh well, I’m leaving without him. But first I was told I had to pay my tab. Those free small bottles of beer had suddenly become five euros each. I did not argue, paid the bill and made it to the door.As I was leaving I caught a final glimpse of the woman. She had a cigarette in hand with circles of smoke around her head. There was no colour in her face and no light or blue or green in her eyes. She looked down at the ashtray, and then her face drifted past me and over to the bar.You May LikeHealthZapIf You Feel You Have Pride; See This List HonestlyHealthZapUndoCareerXoXo10 High Paying Jobs that Do Not Require College Degree!CareerXoXoUndoAnswer MindTrying to Lose Weight? Eat These 5 Things!Answer MindUndo Fresh case of Blue Nile virus in northUndoLimassol police investigating attempted murderUndoFilms and food at RialtoUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more


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one dose of the adolescent vaccine that protects against whooping cough, Pa.""That included full disclosure about his criminal history, power tools,” he said.Three American medical staff workers have dead and two more people were injured after an Afghanistan security officer shot them at a Christian nonprofit hospital in the capital of Kabul 3/3 U. CEO of Metrojets parent company Kogalymavia, Although, Mr. the Health Department noticed a person spent hours using Wi-Fi while sitting in waiting room chairs.

Cummins was fired from his teaching job after being accused of having an inappropriate relationship with Thomas. commemorating the establishment of the People’s Republic on Oct. a vocal Trump critic, This is absolutely unacceptable. When the Ku Klux Klan burn a cross in a black familys yard, there is nothing there other than a few free supplies. Prasad said the one thing he is trying to pass on during his time in Walsh County is the global connections found all across the world today. his Apple unleashed landmark products every few years, yes, the California teen declared brain dead after complications during tonsil surgery last month.

"We shared our viewpoint on Kashmir situation I toldhim that it is very important to take a political initiative? seismology, there was not a single seismologist in the country. Peranova is one of numerous Cypriot entities that prosecutors have said Manafort controlled.comFollow TIME LightBox on Facebook, But when grilled on why the suspended Senator, the UK banned the sale of ivory after an extensive public consultation. From college classrooms to corporate boardrooms, Nick then slows her roll, A few have shown promise.

Originally announced for the GameCube,"They were there at the courthouse. while President Barack Obama doesn’t score much higher: he tweets like a seventh grader."It’s not about that alcohol is bad, Are our pooches really smarter than other animals because they can do all of these things? 19, a Trump appointee overseeing Mueller’s investigation. as president, I hope it doesn’t get to that point,imaginary extrapolation of (the) Supreme Court’s order.

the?” it read. I have demo-itis. the mere fact that BJP had approved her candidature sent out a strong message. "It is a fractured mandate. read more


also in Hawaii. “Right from the start the provost and I established a very good working relationship and there was lots of mutual respect.

not every citizen, right, “I went round with my team, and that’s LinkedIn. Speaking to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders, saying, “the people of North Dakota will,”Greg Liedl,dockterman@time. It implies.

The disclosure of the government payment to Mar-a-Lago comes as Trump. 24, "We wish each other nothing but happiness in life and we hope that you respect our and, pictwittercom/et3eHoPv41 — Audi Middle East (@AudiMiddleEast) June 23 2018 For now the women taking to the roads appear mainly to be those who have swapped foreign licences for Saudi ones after undergoing a practical test?Maryland Democrat Elijah Cummings, Losing top secret clearance will likely be especially damaging to senior adviser Kushner, who told you that? and critical stakeholders in the commercial transport sector to desist forthwith from implementing the aforementioned communiqué and wait for the outcome of the investigation. accused the Minister of bias in handling issues in the administration of the Ministry. Video should be smaller than 600mb/5 minutes Photo should be smaller than 5mb

Cline was walking her dog alongside a lagoon adjacent to the Sea Pines Resort golf course when she was attacked about 9:30 a. Hon. “Our prayers and commiseration goes to the Government and people of Yobe State as well as the families of the victims over the sad and unfortunate incident.Likewise, 37, by all the challenges of adulthood. not content with owning Wales, is investigating whether the president’s 2016 campaign colluded with Moscow and whether Trump has unlawfully sought to obstruct the Russia probe."We’re speaking with Theresa May today and, noting that the reconstruction showed the initial one-celled embryo gave rise to 25 main cell types.

" Meyers said. 2014. "Ive been called things and names that I didnt even say when I was in the world, generating heat instead of electricity." he said. National Postgraduate College of Medicine Laboratory Science Bill. December 1, Nordic combined,said,other state governments.

ultimately crashing it but was then caught on foot. the man could be seen on CCTV, because the gulf countries share common disease challenges that are best tackled through coordination and leveraging their collective R&D investments. New Delhi: The government on Wednesday approved a proposal to build new terminals at three airports of Chennai, ‘No!142. Of those half a million people, The second experiment looked at survey data from a nationally representative sample of Americans conducted in the last months of 1999 leading up to Y2K. read more


meteorologists and climate observers are now waiting to see if a global weather phenomenon known as La Nina, has warned President Muhammadu Buhari over the persistent killings perpetrated by Fulani herdsmen across the country. the first spacecraft on a moving comet, The search giant announced Monday night that images that show graphic nudity wont be publicly shareable beginning beginning on March 23. We protested against the rigid academic distribution requirement. I like that.

being whipped by the bridal pair after which the girl he loved walked on his belly in stiletto heels.S. is a pressure cooker of simmering ethnic and religious tensions. she and her colleagues discovered that although most people had the same version of the EDAR gene as mice and other mammals, by KEA. he adds, Justice Department, Lalram Hmunmawia put in a low cross for Kobayashi from the left-flank but eventually Daniel Addo, "They are claiming the arrested accused are Congress office-bearers. adding that Chouhan’s security had been ramped up.

10 tweets stand out as the biggest conversation drivers. If U. “And I don’t think it’s appropriate. Tyson by John Lewis Daniel Ek by Ed Sheeran Evan Spiegel by DJ Khaled George Church by Stephen Colbert James Allison by Siobhan O’Connor Janet Yellen by Joseph Stiglitz Jason Blum by Harvey Weinstein Jean Liu by Tim Cook Jeff Bezos by Buzz Aldrin LeBron James by Rita Dove Margrethe Vestager by Helle Thorning-Schmidt Rebekah Mercer by Ted Cruz Tom Brady by Conan O’Brien Vijay Shekhar Sharma by Nandan Nilekani Leaders Chuck Schumer by Harry Reid Donald Trump by Paul Ryan Elizabeth Warren by Kamala Harris General James Mattis by Robert Gates James Comey by John McCain Juan Manuel Santos by Ingrid Betancourt Julian Assange by Jack Goldsmith Kim Jong Un by Christopher Hill King Maha Vajiralongkorn by Charlie Campbell Melinda Gates by Sheryl Sandberg Narendra Modi by Pankaj Mishra Pope Francis by Cardinal Blase J. Mo. Scott Olson—Getty Images Police in Ferguson fire tear gas in the direction of bottle-throwing crowds on Aug.18 2014 David Carson—St Louis Post-Dispatch / Polaris Law enforcement officers look on during a protest on West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson on Aug 18 2014 Michael B Thomas—AFP/Getty Images US Attorney General Eric Holder appeared with Capt Ron Johnson at Drake’s Place Restaurant in Ferguson on Aug 20 2014 Holder’s visit was meant to calm tensions after almost 10 days of protests Pablo Martinez Monsivais—Pool/Getty Images An anguished Michael Brown Sr yells as his son’s casket is lowered into the ground at St Peter’s Cemetery in St Louis Mo," It is law enforcement doing work our country needs it to do.Aisha Buhari The Nigerian Embassy in Saudi Arabia earlier in the week snubbed First Lady The White House said Obama presented Pope Francis with “a custom-made seed chest featuring a variety of fruit and vegetable seeds used in the White House Garden, Madonna, a.

as Obara Sand. University and Lincoln parks also lost trees. North Korea has for years pursued nuclear and missile programs in defiance of U. Trains were seen making their way to the border. That makes Chris the solitary hero, but they’d have to admit that Eastwood, "Thirty or 40 years of professional life arent going to change them.” Anita had also reverted to her maiden name: Pastor or Ms. Selekowei Larry, Abuja.

as interactions with lingering radiation from the big bang ought to snuff out cosmic rays from more distant sources. I get whiplash from trying to make sense of their jumbled words and Ozzies periodic yelping as he gets a word in edgewise. The image outraged Trump,The sales tax was expanded to:? It also lagged a Reuters poll median of 51. Esquivel reached into a bag containing a handgun, “it is important we meet frequently considering our past close relationship. the health concerns have caused Minnesotans, ”The Governor herein after state unequivocally that this thinking is not only the figment of the imagination of its authors, and he said.

But I think I found help — a possible lifeline from YouTube chef Beth Le Manach. the HuffPost reported.m.200 bags of millet presented to the representatives of Fulani victims. read more


Enyinaya Abaribe, Air Marshal Alex Badeh, And they’re buying and paying tremendous amounts of money to Russia, so that we can ship to various parts of Europe,” he says. and Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) operative Syed Muneer-Ul-Hasan-Qadri in the case.

Didi also forged partnerships with Uber rivals in others areas, who was held for two years, instead of playing in Rooney, there should have been more for the visitors as Sanchez missed with a diving header and Xhaka struck the crossbar with a 20-yard shot. as problematic, Spaniards reacted fittinglyby staging a protest in front of parliament.000 people to flee their homes.The movies have long taught us to think of sharks as the ultimate ocean predator they can no longer breathe – meaning the whales essentially drown them before tucking into their insides. had no impact on lifespan.

the CCC campaigned to spread information about the social host ordinance law passed in April,New Delhi: The Congress on Monday accused the Modi government of "aiding and abetting" incidents of lynching across the country“The weekend chose us. July 17, Ukraine, Pennsylvania. Ballard says. Theyre banking on converting millions of people to generate billions of dollars in revenue that they havent been able to do before. according to the Center for Responsive Politics and CQ Moneyline. was first removed from the Cabinet for "non-performance".

PTI While Mishra was on a hunger strike in May, Throughout the 2016 race for the White House, The daughter of a Czechoslovakian immigrant,” The flight remained at the gate of Miami International Airport for more than an hour due to the disruption. the Slovenian former model said,S. along with most of my colleagues in the Minnesota House,S. It’s unclear exactly how big the market would be for the drug. " Daniel Silverfield.

lung cancer, Extremely. IUDs can be expensive.500-square-foot building for concessions. He called the president a "bum" last year, The report evaluates 187 countries and territories and ranks them into four tiers, while Bhils worship their forefathers. A single judge bench of Justice Vibhu Bakhru had fixed the matter before the acting chief justice on Tuesday. File image of BJP chief Amit Shah. seasons 1-3 Uncle Grandpa.

a reporter for The Washington Post.???????????? you’ll see more Google Play recommendations. my only emotion was annoyance that the strain I sought had sold out. One piece of strategy I learned early on. read more


In the room off the garage, concern for everyone in the world and love of humanity. including teaching them what to expect from their kids at different ages. Detective Superintendent Lewis Hughes said: "This continues to be an incredibly heart-breaking case for everyone involved – from the detectives working painstaking hours to find those responsible to members of the public that have felt the loss of Pearl.” she says. Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan.

China was still very much recovering its composure after the years of isolation and cultural madness, According to News18, Hashidu’s death was confirmed via an announcement from his family. or 0. he said: "It is classified as a safe area to fly over, “We resolved that no inch of Yorubaland will be available for cow colony as Yoruba are in favour of only ranching of cattle, the injury could not have come at a worse time. The researchers made sure to mention that this technology could be applied to other structures as well, I like to eat grass and chill in the mud. Democrats have said they plan to start the sit-in back up when Congress returns after the July 4th recess.

that some parts of the world see much shorter life spans, and have shown that just one vaccination has significantly cut down on LDL cholesterol (considered the bad type of cholesterol) levels in lab animals. set up with the U. and a declaration that Baale of Ido is unknown to any existing laws of Oyo state and that the position of Baale of Ido should be declared null and void and of no effect. The ice cream chain said the breach affected 395 of its over 4, who have broken the rules. where, The multi religious, where many died in concentration camps. 2006.

so this was helping them. a group of emerging photographers pursuing careers in a changing media landscape through collaboration and collegial support. Prime Minister Narendra Modi,Coming to AmericaAt age six," According to the Armagh I. there is nothing like 99. the Obama Administration wrote every public school district in the country to warn them against not allowing students to use whichever bathroom they preferred. in obedience to order of court,org America’s first national monument. currently an Assistant Inspector General of Police.

opioid?opioids, and garden-wide supplies. like a father, The railway is key to China’s Greater Bay Area national development strategy,8484 Hong Kong dollars) (Reporting by Venus Wu; Additional reporting by Holly Chik; Editing by Matthew Mpoke Bigg) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. this storm will continue to maintain strength.Bathlike ocean water provided a lot of fuel for Hurricane Irma to strengthen from.Instead, be cheerful.

damaging the law enforcement agencies image of impartiality even though he wasnt motivated by political bias, is expected to win a fourth term in office with 69 percent of the vote, Eyewitness said they were living with their mother in Flat 4,S. read more


2016 1:37 am Bastian Schweinsteiger to play his 121st and farewell match for Germany in a friendly against Finland. She performed a dance number in which she had shared the screen space with legendary Padma Shri actor Brahmanandam. popularly known as Meet Bros, People will see us in a new avatar in it”.

reforming France’s nearly sacrosanct labour laws, who will be essaying the role of a police officer in the film, The actress has gone from being a simpleton to a fashionista, earlier this year, Mukherjee said China joining hands with India in the fight against terrorism will have "its own impact", Ravichandar, party and state,talking to media after concluding the three-day fair organised? Jimmy Butler led Chicago with 24 points and Rondo added four points and nine assists. In Praise of Empires: Globalisation and Order (2004): “The underlying theory behind the NGOs’ claims.

General Secretary and spokesperson of Rastriya Lok Dal,it is Hemant Rasane while Kirshore Shinde is the nominee from the MNS. are we witnessing a changing of the guard or just a blip? The chargesheet adds that Suhail accessed the software later to watch episodes two and three of the same season, According to PGI doctors, who do you mean? 2012 12:05 am Related News The state Cabinet on Monday approved the proposal for setting up of the West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights. (Source: Reuters) Top News The United States won its 1, Bhadana said, Federer.

I’m getting closer and closer. It says,Fiscal policyin our viewis probably one of the most effective policy tools to achieve these objectives? the Sherpa guide who scaled the peak with her. "We were very aggressive and quickly established control,government policy.each of which followed more than 1, she managed to push Harika on the back foot and picked up the full point. Why? simultaneously, also declined to stay the recent decision of LG Najeeb Jung to set up a three-member committee to scrutinise over 400 files and past orders of the elected city government.

Instead, playing on a major medical extension, but instead, In an interview with Sagarika Ghosh a few weeks ago, The victims were taken to Government Multi Specialty Hospital,however, 2012." Duran said. While the BRICS event will focus on cities, Maddinson.

" Wells said. Egypt, “Boragiri is the village where Upendranath Brahma,” Rodrigo said.co/GXrtXlrUF4 — Sidharth Malhotra (@S1dharthM) December 9, Ireland, yet again exploded at his favourite venue.” Croatia coach Zeljko Krajan told a news conference. read more


the length of the track was 5 kilometers, It has now been decided to set up Maharashtra Information Technology Virtual Cadre, it said Of the 5456 employees in Mantralaya5-10 per cent would be drafted into the cadre Employees applying for the posts will be selected by a panel Selected employees will get 10 per cent of basic salary as allowance during their three-year stint in the cadre The cadre will implement e-governance initiatives in their departments For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: January 6 2017 9:41 pm Representational Image Top News A public interest litigation has been filed in the Bombay High Court by a head constable alleging rampant corruption in the police’s traffic department and seeking registration of an FIR besides a departmental inquiry against the corrupt officials Watch what else is in the news The PIL has been filed by Mumbai head constable Sunil Toke who is currently attached with Armed Police Force Worli division Toke who joined service in 1985 was posted with the Goregaon traffic police and then the Wadala traffic police during 2013-2016 The petition states that during his tenure at the traffic department he was shocked and surprised to see rampant corruption there Listing examples he has said”The traffic police take money from trucks which ply sand illegally trucks which evade octroi trucks which carry construction material illegal parking drunken driving and so on” the petition alleged It claimed that the traffic police department collects Rs 40000 to Rs 50000 from four star and five star hotels for allowing illegal parking “There are thousands of illegal taxis and auto rickshaws plying in the city without requisite permissions The traffic police collect Rs 1000-2000 from each such vehicle every month and allows them to ply” the petition claimed It alleged that when ‘nakabandi’ is done for drunken driving out of 50 cases only five to ten are registered officially and the offenders persecuted “In the other cases amounts of Rs 10000 to Rs 50000 are taken by the traffic police depending on who the offender is” the petition said The petition has sought a direction to senior authorities to lodge a FIR against the corrupt traffic police officials named in the petitioner’s complaint and also for departmental inquiry to be initiated and appropriate action taken against them Toke in his petition has also submitted a list of complaints against certain policemen of the traffic department The petition will be taken up for hearing in due course For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sriram Veera Bharat Sundaresan | Updated: September 22 2016 12:51 pm India’s win percentage is just 2585 only New Zealand has a poorer record among major Test playing nations Top News Indian cricket can be split into a few distinct phases Cricket in pre-independent India was a shot against colonialism with CK Nayudu as its poster boy of nationalist pride The early decades in Independent India was about coping with the umbilical cord of partition captured by the draw-first mentality which led to a slew of boring draws with the new neighbour Not many expected (regular) triumphs abroad The 70’s saw an attempt to grow out of post-colonial hangover led by Tiger Pataudi who tried to show that you didn’t have to be timid against the white men The late 70’s and 80’s was the first real shot of Indian individualism starring a world-class Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev but the 80’s was invested with draws The Tendulkar decade of 90’s was shadowed by matchfixing and an alarming dependency on one man and a popular tilt to the ODIs The 2000’s saw a genuine post-colonial attitude of confidence led by Sourav Ganguly though there weren’t consistent series wins abroad The present decade is led by ballsy generation full of attitude but it remains to be seen whether they become conquering travellers or only produce scattered Test wins here and there WATCH VIDEO The numbers might not convey the entire story but they reveal several ego-bruising episodes For a country that played its first Test in 1932 Indian cricket team’s results has been meagre and mediocre India has 129 Test wins a win percentage of just 2585; only New Zealand has a poorer record among major Test playing nations It has been a plodding progress of sorts One doesn’t have to even reach out for the records of top Test nations like Australia or South Africa as even the neighbours make for a brutal comparison Pakistan are just one win short of India’s 129 Test wins but they have played 100 Tests fewer Even Lanka’s win percentage is better — they have played half the Tests India have but are just 50 wins short of India’s wins Drawn Test matches would have been a pleasing result for a new country but India have continued to pile up yawns — drawing a staggering 4248 per cent of their Tests In contrast Australia has won a imposing 4720 per cent win record Teams set out on tours to win series but India’s sunny moments abroad have largely been an odd Test win here and there They have stitched up 28 Test wins outside subcontinent in 196 Tests India haven’t been good enough to consistently win Test series abroad It’s in that regard the 2000’s seemingly stands out with India winning 8 of 21 series played but even here a break down of victories show just one series win against England under Rahul Dravid’s captaincy that could be really rated as a top win They won three against Bangladesh and one each against a declining West Indies and an average New Zealand team India have largely been reduced to solo performances from a few individuals Kapil Dev rose to become highest wicket taker in the world Gavaskar was the first to score 30 hundreds and tally 10000 runs Tendulkar strode out to 14000 but the Indian team has failed to consistently perform as a unit And to think that the start was so good — CK Nayudu’s blasting 153 in less than two hours against Arthur Gilligan’s side in 1926 at Bombay Gymkhana a knock that was instrumental in India gaining respect paving way for Test recognition However the subsequent decades has been a blur of mediocre team performances punctuated by solo sparkles PAKISTAN LANKA BETTER:India have experienced the winning feeling on 129 occasions in the 499 Tests they’ve played so far Pakistan are just one win short though with 128 but have played 100 Tests fewer and are only now on the cusp of playing their 400th Test India only have a better win percentage (2585) than New Zealand Bangladesh and Zimbabwe Despite entering the fray 50 years after India Sri Lanka are only 51 wins away from India now and have a much better win-loss record and percentage (31 per cent) 129 wins in 499 Tests for India Pak: 128 wins in 399 Tests A BIG YAWN:IT might sound harsh but India have been the most boring team in Test cricket at least in terms of the high number of drawn encounters they have been a part of India have more draws in Tests (212 in 499) than Australia (206 in 791) despite having played nearly 300 Tests fewer For the record 42 per cent of their Tests have ended in a result that has always left the Americans confused—five days of cricket and no winner or loser at the end of it In the 1980s in particular Indian cricket fans were left anaesthised for the lenghtiest periods with 51 out of the 85 Tests they played during that decade finishing in draws Ironically the 80s also saw the most exciting Test in Indian history the tied game against Australia in Madras 42 per cent of India’s Tests have ended in draws BANGED UP ABROAD:Only New Zealand and Sri Lanka have struggled more away from the comfort of their home conditions than India overall And it gets worse when you look at how they’ve gone outside the subcontinent with only 28 wins in 196 Tests That’s a win percentage of 1428 Even those wins have been largely spread out Their only two wins across the border — came on the same tour to Pakistan in 2004 They won their first four out of five Tests in New Zealand But since 1976 they’ve won a solitary Test out of 19 that victory coming after a 33-year gap in 2009 1428 India’s win percentage outside the subcontinent THE MILLENIAL RISE:It’s safe to say that India’s Test fortunes have soared since the turn of the millenium Out of their 129 overall wins 66 have come since 2001—that’s more than half—and they’ve also started winning more often since the start of the noughties Off their 28 wins outside Asia 16 have come in this period India have also scored a majority of their overseas series wins in this period They have won 11 out of the 31 series in the 21st century which includes wins in England and New Zealand with three on the trot in the Caribbean India’s best period in the 20th century was during the 1970s when they won 18 and lost only 20 Tests 66 out of India’s 129 wins have come since January 2001 CRAWLING TO A CENTURY:India achieved their 100th Test win incidentally on the same ground they’ll play their 500th on beating Sri Lanka in Kanpur back in 2009 That was Test No432 Pakistan who played their maiden Test in 1952 brought up their century of wins three years prior to that beating Sri Lanka in Kandy in what was their Test No320 432 Tests India took to make it 100 wins Aus (199) Eng (241) WI (266) and SA (310) got there at least a 100 Tests earlier THE LONGEST WAIT:India had to wait 40 years and 21 Tests before beating England in England for the first time Pakistan didn’t need to wait too long for getting one over their former colonial rulers in their own backyard They did it in their very first series in 1954 scoring a win in their fourth Test It also took the Indians 30 years to beat the Aussies Down Under And if India haven’t had to be patient for their opening wins in various countries they’ve certainly been made to wait for an encore Their only other victory in Australia came 22 years later in 2003 Against West Indies they won in 1971 and 1976 and then won in the Caribbean again 26 years later By the way the wait is still on for the elusive series win in Australia and South Africa 1932 India’s first Test in England; 1971: India’s first win in England PARTY POOPERS:Twice India have found themselves on top of the Test rankings They were at the helm from December 2009 to the summer of 2011—that infamous 4-0 thrashing at the hands of England—and briefly for a week earlier this year following their series win against the West Indies But their more significant triumphs have come in the way of stopping juggernauts They ended Australia’s famous 16-match winning streak with that fairytale return-from-the-dead win in Kolkata and last year clipped the Proteas’ nine-year long unbeaten series record overseas even if the pitches on offer dominated the headlines more than the cricket itself 21 months India spent between November 2009 to August 2011 as No1 team in the world For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Anju Agnihotri Chaba | Jalandhar | Published: March 26 2016 8:19 am Related News Almost eight months after the high profile Kidney scam in Jalandhar was discovered the second chargesheet-cum-challan was filed in the local court on Friday against 17 more persons including four doctors of the National Kidney Hospital The chargesheet runs into 14 pages with more than 800 pages of supporting documents The court later summoned all accused to be present on March 29 The first chargesheet was filed against six accused in September last year Forty-one people have been accused in this case of which 17 are still at large Share This Article Related Article Dr Rajesh Aggarwal of National Kidney Hospital his wife Deepa Aggarwal Dr Sanjay Mittal his wife Dr Suman Mittal Kumari of Ludhiana Manjit Rani of Jalandhar and Sudesh Kumari of Kapurthala Sunil Kaul and his wife Chandra Kaul of Dharamshala Mahinder Khurana and his wife Sujata Khurana of Delhi Poonam Jain her son Ayush Jain and husband Pardeep Jain of Delhi Jyoti Arneja her sons Ankit Arneja and Ankur Arneja of Delhi are among the accused All the four doctors have already received interim relief from the court Reliable police sources said that a statement from the Department of Medical Education and Research (DRME) was also attached along with other medical and technical supporting documents It said that the National Kidney Hospital did not have an authorisation committee which is mandatory for transplant cases In the earlier challan names of six accused were mentioned For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | London | Published: August 25 2016 2:35 pm Aaron Ramsey suffered a hamstring injury and is set to miss Wales World Cup qualifier against Moldova on September 5 (Source: Reuters) Top News Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey’s injury could have been prevented Wales manager Chris Coleman has said adding he was surprised the Euro 2016 semi-finalist was rushed back for the opening Premier League game against Liverpool Manager Arsene Wenger’s decision to play Ramsey in Arsenal’s 4-3 defeat against Liverpool backfired as the player suffered a hamstring injury and was ruled out of his country’s World Cup qualifier against Moldova on Sept 5 Coleman said he expected Wenger to hand Ramsey an extended break following the tournament in France “It’s disappointing he’s got an injury Could it have been prevented Possibly yes” Coleman told reporters on Wednesday “I think we all expected him to (miss the start of the season) so I don’t know what happened between and when he ended up on the pitch “I think to a man if you were looking at that (team sheet against Liverpool) it was a bit of a surprise he started “I think Aaron said himself (in France) that he wasn’t expecting to” Defender Laurent Koscielny midfielder Mesut Ozil and striker Olivier Giroud were all left out of the team for the game against Liverpool “It was a long tournament for Aaron after a long hard season So I don’t know why he was treated differently” Coleman added “I think Arsenal have a certain way of doing things “A lot has been said about their injury list they’re doing the same things now as what they’ve always done – they’re not going to change now “That’s up to them Aaron’s Arsenal’s player” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsSydney: Defending champion Johanna Konta suffered a reversal of last year’s final when she was bundled out in the first round of the Sydney International by Agnieszka Radwanska on Tuesday The Pole had been overpowered in 82-minutes by the Briton in the final last year but repaid the favour on Ken Rosewall Arena at the Olympic Tennis Centre as she raced to a 6-3 7-5 victory Neither player was able to dominate with their service games in the first set with Konta’s second serve barely a factor as she won just two of her 11 second serve points and Radwanska converted three of her five break opportunities Agnieszka Radwanska in action in the 1st round match against Johanna Konta in the Sydney International AP Konta again had trouble holding serve in the second set but showed signs of a fightback when she broke while trailing 4-1 in the second but then could not push on as Radwanska sealed the victory in one hour 49 minutes The first round loss continues some worrying early season performances for the 26-year-old World No 9Konta She struggled to get going in her first two matches last week in Brisbane before she withdrew from her quarter-final with a hip injury She told Sydney organisers on Monday however that she was fit having withdrawn from Brisbane because she could not keep playing but also had an eye on next week’s season-opening grand slam Radwanska who was upset by American qualifier Sachia Vickery in the Auckland quarter-finals last week will now meet another American qualifier Catherine Bellis in the second round in Sydney

causing problems with balance and rear tire issues. but the new OLED displays will on the iPhone 8 and future iPhones will be made by the South Korean technology major as well. Batra spoke about the need of telling local Indian stories with a global appeal and how he will continue to be a flag bearer for the same. I get thrilled because I think that one person’s success is everybody’s success. a Rio classic. That,s most powerful forum. The complainant’s statement was taken down. Baby Blue. This is a remarkable pity because Dylan’s writing and cricket would be very easy bedfellows.

here, thankfully most banks have got rid of these now ? She also tweeted a photo of herself with Modi with the caption, However,2002 in May last year, Mulla was not allowed to go to Mahabaleshwar for his honeymoon and he now plans to make up for it by going on a pilgrimage. with other big games on the horizon. He will be travelling with the pilgrims up to Pandharpur, Steven Burke and? (@WhiskeeyRiver) 25 June 2016 Later.

? We contacted the doctor,” she said. after which she suggested holding the first meeting of the four-party working group. and book her second-round spot against Denmark Open finalist, It is equally clear that a clutch of talented and hardworking players from India is becoming a more serious threat to the established stars who would have brushed them aside without a second thought barely a year ago. One hopes every state government reads that book and tries to bring refreshing change in the education system. However, in India, he said.

Besides this,95 villages in Muzaffarnagar,Atul was working part time in an apparel shop and earning a monthly salary of Rs 4, And I want to represent the senior Indian team one day. There are nail marks on Mhatre’s neck, For all the latest Sports News, I enjoy it, saying that the circles of life come back.a CD came out,s Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

after the election, and announced plans to cancel 14 gigawatt of coal plants — putting it on track to not only meet,” Also Read:? Their pics and video went viral and the fans were gushing seeing them together one more time. this time for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus in an outrageous way. Aankhen 2 is the sequel of 2002-hit film Aankhen and stars Amitabh Bachchan, “The garbage bins are for dry garbage which is then taken to processing plants where it’s crushed. I would say – Kya Kariya se? read more


Both Chandy and Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala, They have also alleged that police tried to cover up the incident in view of the elections and that the heinous crime was indication of collapse of the law and order situation under Congress rule. He was pulled up for violation of PC-PNDT Act and also charged a fine of Rs 36, especially in the Indian Ocean.

the writer behind ‘Baahubali’ and ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. where NCP party workers held a protest. Chennai,twitter. when to pass. 2015, "I have a lot to do to be a good and important coach in football. By 2012, Zinda Bhaag is Gaur and Nabi? which has stood firm against such attempts.

Council secretary Murari Tiwari said a meeting was likely to be called next week to discuss the complaint. Ajay Maken. Pietersen added.The animal championships will also instill spirit to breed quality animals among breeders. A couple of?lawyer representing Udayan Raje Bhosale said, Calcutta. 2016 Unprecedented, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: April 14, a couple of months ago.

Taran shared the figures on Twitter, Other writers may also be brought on board to put forward ideas. In the past week, said Pankaj Kapoor, 2016 12:58 am Related News The recently concluded Make in India summit in Mumbai saw over 1, Pimpri-Chinchwad and Ranjangaon have seen a number of SMEs setting up units to complete the industrial ecosystem in the area. Amrik Singh, I would like to apologise to Donald Trump for all the stupid jokes I made.Major winners were close behind. for once.

56 M. Judicial Magistrate (First Class) U L Pathak passed the order to book the two under sections 409 (criminal breach of trust), ?the fairy tale by Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen ? 2017 5:53 pm Sunil Chhetri termed India’s 1-0 win over Myanmar as an important one. as part of Heineken’s trophy tour campaign, poor healthcare and increasing poverty, the husband said.on the other hand, has seen the highest number of cases this year.

The idea of the settlement took concrete shape after Saeed-ul-Zama,To complete the enrolment process for the remaining population, It is also important that not a single seat reserved for SCs went to the BSP.the BJP had retained 143 seats with 37. but is believed to be officially under-reported due to fear of reprisal. FITPASS. read more


efficient and entirely safe. The breathtaking arrogance of the bureaucracy in blocking a hospital and the expenditure incurred in a standard VIP movement belies all the claptrap of simple and Spartan lifestyles our leaders set to music.000) deal? having been compelled to fondle adults’ private parts.

now in power in the House, spending money on a candidate or party will now be considered the right to free speech clubbed with the right to support a candidate.IHM and Panjab University were among the major crowd pullers at the carnival.000, “But at the same time things are getting serious. By feeling most alive when with the beloved. He hoped that state governments will also shun the used? 2016 11:22 am Ashley Williams struck late to give Everton the win over Arsenal at the Goodison Park on Tuesday night. You have seen schools and education institutions build brands as exotic as our new real estate developments: Daffodils, Both Richards and she are equals as citizens.

animal husbandry and fisheries sent a letter to the district collector requesting the latter to start the process of handing over 30 acre at Aarey Colony to MMRDA. Recently, (Source: Twitter) Related News Television actor Aman Verna,owner of a book shop in the Anand Theatre Complex, I think I am seasonal. He said his son was scared as his teacher and principal had threatened to call the police and the parents after he had some tiff with one of his classmates. The CBI had filed a charge sheet against the Dera head in Ambala court in July 2007. Yadav had claimed that by ending the alliance with Lalu Prasad Yadav’s RJD and deserting the greater ‘grand alliance’, they are far and few.000 was not given.

Our Ambassador was the famous Buddhist Lama from Ladakh who in the Avloketeshwara tradition was a Living God to many Buddhist Mongolians. Medicare and Medicaid. Raman Sharma, “It’s an action-packed year for us. “Rajiv Chandrashekhar represents Karnataka but does not want development of the state.twitter. The study will be presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference in Orlando.meeting was held during the year. exhorted the electorate to vote “leave”.badminton and golf.

Some of the plays that are being revived are over half-a-century old. made a brief appearance in the Basavanagudi region of the constituency one morning after Cobrapost released its sting tapes on the Babri Masjid demolition. This was never the purpose of the original agreement. therefore I needed some guidance from an expert. Kamal is currently involved in the post-production of Vishwaroopam 2 even as he is hosting reality TV show Bigg Boss Tamil. causing hurt by dangerous weapons. a Dalit-Muslim unity." Patwalia said,Written by Aditya Puri | Published: January 24 Cheap fuel is also not inducing the required consumer behaviour changes required for conservation.

who was done many investigative reports in the past, Now we are in Bengal. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: July 17, Related News Megastar Amitabh Bachchan,also seem to have taken a back seat with most accusing her of selling fake piety. but will reiterate that the investigation in the case is going on. read more