May 12, 2020
  • 11:00 am Calabar retain South Conference basketball title
  • 2:01 pm Sports Briefs
  • 1:59 pm Clarendon win, but champs drop out title race
  • 1:57 pm Sports Briefs
  • 1:54 pm Calabar excite at inaugural Wint/McKenley Classic

first_imgDear Editor,I am reading the news for the day, and I see the bold headline captioned “Essequibians walk out of meeting with GPL.” It is quite a depressing scene to behold persons, utterly devastated by the constant blackouts, have as a last resort appealed to the state-owned GPL for some redress, only to be further frustrated by an endless supply of lame excuses from its representatives.It is a situation that would cause even the coolest of individuals in this country to become seriously irate. The point is: you cannot plan an event; say, a wedding, a church service, or anything for that matter, without that lingering backward thought in mind that there would be a blackout at some stage of the event. This is the naked truth, and it has tortured us these three doomed years of Coalition rule.The citizens’ utter frustration stems from the fact that, prior to 2015, all of us in this Guyana were recipients of a continuous and affordable electricity supply. With the ushering in of the Coalition and the so-called “good life”, we are now saddled with this retardation that would not go away.The plain truth, which this present regime cannot run away from, is that the PPP/C brought us out of those hellish years of the Guyana Embarrassing Corporation (GEC) into the marvellous light of success and enlightenment; but from what obtains at the present moment, we have gone right back into those PNC years of doom and gloom, where blackouts are our main concern.So what has this Government achieved in its three-plus years of illegal occupation, and the answer comes back: Nothing! As someone said, this PNC-led Coalition has chalked up on its debit side a series of failures that make the 28 years’ rule of Burnham pale into oblivion.  You are talking about every conceivable sector contracting while the hard life exponentially increases.The situation is more distressing when you realise that everything in the economy functions on a power base; without it, everything grinds to a halt whenever a blackout occurs. In this regard, the economy has since been on a backward trend.Is this ‘the good life’? Is this the flourishing economy the PNC has fashioned for us? I say, “Hell, no! From all appearances, it is the horrible life!”Compare the present scenario with the progressive and visionary Amaila Falls Hydropower Project, and you will get the real picture as to where we are going. The PPP/C has left us an internationally accredited project which has been the envy of many a First World nation.Hydroelectric power generation is cheap, reliable, and environmentally friendly. It is something which, if it had been pursued, would have put all of our energy matters to rest. But the PNC, with no plans of their own in that vision-less mindset of theirs, purposefully scrapped this project and ushered in the intendant evils we now see on a daily basis. Instead of implementing this world acclaimed project, the PNC, for political expediency coupled with vindictiveness, closed that important chapter in our history.Guyana is doomed to failure. We see it and experience it in every facet of our economy. Our only hope comes from the strength and resilience in the populace out there to break away from the decadence and make an about change for the good.The Year 2020 will soon be here. Come on, people; let us get back on to the beaten path of success.Respectfully,Neil Adamslast_img