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first_imgThe criteria according to which the park is included in the World Heritage List correspond to the criteria, which describe the area containing incomparable natural phenomena or areas of outstanding natural beauty, the criteria are areas that represent outstanding examples of important stages in the country’s history, including life records and significant shaping geological formations, or which have significant geomorphological features; and by criterion (ix) areas that are outstanding examples of a significant continuous ecological and biological process in the evolution and development of terrestrial, freshwater coastal and marine ecosystems and plant and animal groups. Also, the Plitvice Lakes National Park invites visitors to buy tickets online, and they also offered promotional prices in their accommodation facilities. So the bed and breakfast in a standard double room at the Hotel Lake amounts to from 294,00 kn per person, which is more than great value for money. Thus, from October 26 to December 31, the prices of one-day tickets will be HRK 80,00 for an adult, HRK 50 for students and HRK 35,00 for children (7-18 years). Also, in the same period, the prices of two-day tickets will be 120,00 kn for an adult, 70,00 kn for students and 60,00 kn for children (7-18 years). UNESCO DAY OF PLITVICE LAKES NATIONAL PARK In geological terms, Plitvice Lakes are divided into Upper Lakes located on a dolomite base and Lower Lakes located in a limestone canyon. The invaluable natural values ​​of the Park area and its exceptional beauty go beyond national boundaries, which was confirmed on October 26, 1979 when the Plitvice Lakes National Park was inscribed on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List, including 53 sites from around the world. Thus, Plitvice Lakes become a natural asset of all peoples of the world, under the protection of UNESCO. According to currently available data from the UNESCO website, 1121 properties have been recorded on the World Heritage List, of which 213 are natural. As they point out from the Plitvice Lakes National Park, the team of chefs from the Lika House has prepared new gastronomic offers for the autumn and winter seasons. Thus, visitors to the National Park will have the opportunity to order dishes such as traditional soup with lamb, potatoes and vegetables, tortellini stuffed with cottage cheese (handmade tortellini with pumpkin cream, arugula pesto, fried pumpkin seeds, sauteed mushrooms, ripe cow cheese) and many others . An important element of every tourist destination, which is so neglected. Also, from the Plitvice Lakes National Park, they have prepared a new gastronomic offer in their restaurants. By the way, in all facilities under NP PJ you can taste traditional Lika dishes, and the National Park cooperates with small family farms, as well as local producers gathered in the Lika Quality system, which consists of 57 producers with 160 products. Cover photo: Plitvice Lakes National Park / Author: Vedran Božičević Today, October 26, 2020, Plitvice Lakes National Park marks the 41st anniversary of its inclusion on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List. “There are waters, lakes, waterfalls and forests elsewhere – and yet Plitvice Lakes are on only one for the whole world! ” (Ivo Pevalek, 1958)center_img Photo: NP Plitvice Lakes Plitvice Lakes were declared a national park on April 8, 1949. This is certainly an opportunity for travel agencies to make interesting arrangements, and not one-day, but at least weekend trips, in order to offer a much broader tourist story of Lika. Anyone can come for a day to the Plitvice Lakes National Park, without the need for travel agency services. However, if the guest is offered a weekend experience in Lika, that’s something else. The continuous tempering process that creates travertine barriers is part of a unique universal value (OUV Outstanding universal value) due to which Plitvice Lakes became a World Natural Heritage Site.  The area of ​​the national park is one of the most impressive karst units in the world with specific geological, geomorphological and hydrological features. Although the water surfaces of the Park occupy less than 1% of its surface, Plitvice Lakes are the most recognizable and most striking towards waterfalls and lakes. Plitvice Lakes National Park lowered the prices of their tickets by the end of the year. Otherwise, Lika is slowly but surely developing from year to year, and thus offers a wide range of activities and facilities, from canoeing on the river Gacko, sleeping in tree houses, Deer Valley, House of Velebit, buggy rides, horseback riding tours, top Lika gastronomy, cheese roads, etc.… Also, if you are targeting Zagreb, you can offer a full day trip to Karlovac and the surrounding area. From the phenomenal freshwater aquarium Aquatika to the new beer tour in the city of beer, which is on your way to Lika. Opportunities are all around us. “Plitvice Lakes National Park is special in every season, and autumn has a special magic, so we invite everyone to discover it, surrounded by the colors and scents of forests and the sounds of waterfalls.”Point out from the Plitvice Lakes National Park. last_img