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first_imgHolders of Hvar tourism so far have been tourists from the USA and Great Britain, who accounted for 65% of all overnight stays, and it is impossible to close so many holes in a few months. In the period from 1 January to 31 July, 113 arrivals were recorded in Dubrovnik, or only 912% of last year’s tourist traffic and 14 overnight stays, also 347% of last year’s tourist traffic in the same period. From January 848 to July 14, 01, there were 31 arrivals on Hvar or 2020% compared to last year, while with 19.924 realized overnight stays it was at the level of 17,28%. Of course, this is an opportunity to reset a new tourist paradigm, both in Croatia as a whole and in individual destinations. We need to be ready for quick decisions and quick transformation, and there is a need for synergy in the tourism sector. Those who turn to market development will certainly benefit, as always. Although in Dubrovnik and Hvar this season the prices in all accommodation capacities, as well as in the destination in general, the prices are much lower than usual, in accordance with the current situation, due to dislocation, still did not trigger a big motive for coming. Dubrovnik and Hvar are among the two most affected tourist destinations in Croatia. And this is best shown by the data from eVisitor. This is supported by the traffic of the three busiest airports in Croatia: Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb. In the first seven months of 2019, the three mentioned airports had a traffic of 5.299.919 passengers, while this year the number is significantly lower, just over one million. From January to the end of July, Dubrovnik Airport generated 146.159 traffic, while Split Airport generated 280.189 passengers. The airports are increasingly connected to the rest of Europe, and the British market is expected to do the most. Photo: Dubrovnik and Hvar are among the two most affected tourist destinations in Croatia. There is no philosophy or space for populism, the thing is very simple. These are the destinations that depend most on air traffic, most guests this year came from the American and British markets, and with poor transport links and a combination of more luxurious destinations, it is clear to everyone that current tourism results are not the product of poor promotion. .center_img On the other hand, optimism has awakened on the island of Hvar, in spite of everything. Thus, 16.602 arrivals were recorded in July, which is at the level of 31,73% compared to last year, and 91.073 overnight stays or 44,99% compared to 2019. Of course, the numbers are not for opening champagne, especially on Hvar, but still cheerful and hopeful. “According to the first estimates from March, when we hoped to realize 30 percent of last year’s tourist traffic, the current figures show that in the city of Hvar in the challenging year 2020, tourist dreams are still coming true.”Points out Petar Razović, director of the Hvar Tourist Board. People are already or will certainly accept the narrative “new normal” i.e. accept the fact that we have to live with the coronavirus. Life, economy and thus tourism must go further, of course with the observance of all epidemiological measures. So a much better season and a more stable tourist season is expected from next season. On Hvar, they put a promotional focus on the markets of Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia and intensified the promotion towards the British market. “Currently, the most numerous guests are from Germany, Slovenia and Poland, while we have the largest increase from the Czech Republic, which is the result of an excellent promotional campaign that we conducted in European markets. In August, we expect an increase in overnight stays from 10 to 15 percent, primarily due to the arrival of air guests from traditional Hvar tourist markets (UK and Scandinavia), which instills optimism in this year’s tourist season. says Razović. “In the best predictions for this tourist season, we “dream” of 30 percent of last year’s traffic”Said Petar Razović, director of the Hvar Tourist Board at the beginning of April this year, when asked about the expectations for this tourist season. Although shocking, but on the other hand quite realistic for all the above reasons. According to the eVisitor tourist check-in and check-out system, 01 tourists stayed in Dubrovnik on August 9, which is 214% of the tourist traffic compared to the same date last year. On the same date, Dubrovnik recorded 35 arrivals, which is 3% of tourist traffic compared to August 283, 43.  The announced flights from Great Britain, and marketing cooperation with the British tour operator are expected to increase the arrival of foreign guests and increase the number of nights on the island of Hvar. So that August and September, could still boost the statistics and thus generate spending to survive until next year. Although it is difficult to predict, if the situation does not escalate in Europe and thus in Croatia, which should not except through occasional small jumps in new cases, and whether to find a cure or vaccine for covdi19 (which we all of course hope for positive news) the next tourist years will certainly be much better and better in statistical figures.last_img