May 17, 2021
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first_imgThe camp benchmarking project continues and is slowly but surely joined by an increasing number of camps.We bring you an interesting research Benchmarking of Croatian camps for the Croatian Camping Association (KUH) conducted from month to month by the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management from Opatija. A total of 30 campsites are participating in the Benchmarking project from which relevant data such as camp occupancy, utilization rate, revenue per night, average length of stay and many others can be extracted.Otherwise, Benchmarking is the process of measuring and comparing a company’s operations, products and services with the best, either within the company’s area of ​​operation or outside it. Benchmarking is a process based on comparing one’s own dimensions (processes, products, costs, etc.) with a company that deserves to be a measure of value.”Camps that have not yet joined are invited to join immediately in order to gain additional representativeness and accuracy of the data and further raise the quality of the results.” stand out from KUH. Otherwise, from the opening until 11.7.2017. The camps realized 6.167.121 overnight stays, ie an increase in the number of overnight stays compared to last year of + 23,31%.Below, by clicking on the link, you can download the benchmarking reports of the camps for the 5th and 4th month.Download the report “Camping benchmarking – 4/2017.”Download the report “Camping benchmarking – 5/2017.Related news:ADRIANO PALMAN, KUH: WE STRONGLY OPPOSE THE NEWLY CREATED CATEGORY “CAMP RESORT – ROBINSON ACCOMMODATION”KUH EXECUTIVE BOARD HELD MEETING WITH MINISTER OF TOURISMlast_img