June 16, 2021
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first_imgEarlier this week we reported on the issue of trying to sit through a 2D film that was way too dark due to a 3D lens being left on a Sony digital projector. Ty Burr of the Boston Globe has investigated and tracked the problem down to a 3D lens that was too complicated to remove and risked the projector shutting down. He found movie theaters were deciding to leave the 3D lens on those projectors which is what is causing all these dark 2D movies.Understandably, Sony aren’t too pleased about the information circulating about this issue, and the fact its projectors are being blamed. Sony Digital Cinema got in touch with us to try and clarify the “inaccurate statements that are currently circulating on the web.”AdChoices广告The claims made against the Sony digital projector with 3D lens attached are as follows:Sony 3D projectors are the only ones to use two stacked beams of lightThe removal of the 3D lens is a complicated and time consuming process that is easy to get wrongSony 3D projectors are the cause of dark 2D movie playback if the 3D lens is left onFirstly, Sony states that they aren’t the only ones to use two stacked beams of light for 3D projection. Any projector using the RealD XL cinema system will have those same two beams, so you cannot rely on that fact to know it’s a Sony projector.Secondly, the complicated lens removal process is questioned with Sony stating a “trained technician” can change the lens in under 20 minutes. What we don’t know is whether the term !trained technician! extends to projectionists. We assume that it does, as it would make little sense requiring a technician to visit every time a lens needs changing. They also point out that lens changes don’t require accessing the projection system, only the front of the projector. It is also confirmed that a projector operator has to login to operate the digital projector and that it is standard practice for all digital projection systems.On the final, and most important point of a 3D lens making the movie darker, Sony confirms that the RealD filters do reduce lighting levels by 20%, but when running in 2D mode the filters are not in use so it shouldn’t be reducing the light output.So what we can take away from this is that changing the lens isn’t as complicated as first thought, and with the proper training a projector operator should be able to perform such a change between screenings. As to the issue of dark films, it seems that if setup correctly a 3D lens should be able to play a 2D movie without making them darker. But that relies on the RealD filters being turned off.The fact remains that people are visiting movie theaters and seeing dark 2D screenings. Something is causing this to happen, but as far as Sony is concerned their projector is not at fault. What we want to know is whether it’s easy to leave the RealD filters on when playing a 2D movie. If they can be left on, then that could be the cause of the dark movies. We are open to other suggestions as to the cause, though.You can view Sony Digital System’s 4K projection fact page and check out the details for yourself.last_img read more