June 21, 2021
  • 7:30 am Committee reaffirms mandatory denominational health plan
  • 7:27 am Rapidísimas
  • 7:23 am Video: Presiding Bishop Curry on World Refugee Day
  • 7:22 am Episcopalians approach Donald Trump’s inauguration with prayer
  • 7:20 am Episcopal racial reconciliation event draws large crowd in Lexington, Virginia

first_imgPursuing a career as an Engineer is full of adventures as well as challenges. An engineer is someone who works behind the screen, developing and maintaining the complex set of frameworks, substantiating a captivating and effectual output.The smartphone that you are using, the car that you are driving, or the life saving medicine you take, are all engineered products build after rigorous toil and works on complicated mathematical models, thousand lined programming codes and intense test. The mindset of engineers blends with lifeless equipment and somewhere in their minds there is a gap between their thoughts and their counterparts from other segments. Here are few thoughts that every engineer would like to highlight.The student life of an engineer is one of the most enjoyable times- No engineer will deny the thrill of being an engineering student. The hostel life during four years of graduation is itself a learning and preparation for the life ahead. Apart from group studies and exam preparations in packs, new innovations and ideas emerge in talks and chats with classmates.Work hard Party Hard- The culture of working hard and partying hard is ingrained in an engineer right from the beginning. After rigorous association with mathematical theorems, page full of theories and mathematical proofs that go on for a week or two, the only way to relax is a hard party. Continuing this trend, in professional life engineers toil for five days a week and save the weekend for a party, if not, at least a get together in the near friend circle who stays close by.advertisementThe pursuit to have an adventure- Most of the times, engineers are associated with lifeless materials. The machines, the switches, the computer, chips and electronics are all expressionless materials. Working with such elements, the mind seeks to interact with life and natural objects. This is the reason behind the strong want of every engineer spend time with nature and be cut off from the world for a time being.Life becomes boring without gadget- It is true that engineers want to be cut off from the world for a while, but the “cut off” just cannot be sustained. Life of an engineer is a constant union with gadgets and without them life is just boring. For a civil engineer construction sites will always be attractive even if he or she is not associated directly to it.The feeling of confidence- Engineers are amongst the most confident people. They just do not bother much about mere problems in day to day life. They feel confident about any new situation or experiences and consider them to be an adventure.Multitalented: Engineering is a professional field being isolated from conventional education such as art or science. However, the instinct of other branch of study or interest is always present in any engineer. Some of them are involved in music, some in sports and some, also in social works. They are highly inclined toward other fields of knowledge and interests other than their primary stream.Behind every tech product there is an engineer brain involved in the transformation of mere materials into a unique and efficient product manufactured to fulfill a specific requirement. Engineers are the ones who are associated with lifeless materials throughout their careers trying to substantiate a finished product. Engineering is an imperative segment in any field and hence engineers are substantial responsibilities in every organization. They have to balance professional and personal life in an intricate way. Being an engineer is more a lifestyle than being on a profession.With inputs from Mr. Devesh Kumar Thakur, Director, Axis Softechlast_img read more