May 13, 2021
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first_imgVersailles, Ind. — Triple A estimates 39.3 million Americans will be traveling this weekend, the highest number since 2005.During the traditional start of the summer season, the Indiana State Police say they’ll increase patrols through the holiday weekend. The patrols will target those who are not properly restrained, impaired and aggressive motorists.Because of the increased traffic volume, troopers offer the following tips:Obey all speed limits and always use your turn signals.Never drink and drive-If celebrating make sure to have a designated driver.Make sure everyone is buckled up and children are properly restrained in child seats.Always watch for and expect slowed or stopped traffic ahead, especially when approaching construction zones.When stopped in traffic be watchful of traffic approaching from behind and be ready to take evasive action if it appears traffic is approaching too fast to stop.If you’re planning to travel a long distance, make sure you are well rested.   A fatigued driver is as dangerous as an impaired driver.Avoid tailgating.  Remember the two-second rule, and always increase following distance in construction zones.Leave early, expecting heavy traffic, and give yourself extra time to reach your destination.Remember to ALWAYS SLOW DOWN AND MOVE OVER for emergency, utility and highway service vehicles.For more summer travel safety tips please visit read more