May 6, 2021
  • 6:26 pm USA: Landing Craft, Air Cushion Vehicles Embark WASP for Bold Alligator 2012
  • 6:25 pm EU NAVFOR Frees Pirated Iranian Crew
  • 6:24 pm USA: Master Chief Petty Officer of Navy Visits Navy’s Senior Enlisted Academy
  • 6:24 pm HMS Blyth Leads NATO Warships through Major Minehunting Exercise
  • 6:18 pm USS Cole Sails into the Black Sea

first_imgThere’s no debating that Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are the only reason their teams have made it to this point in the Playoffs. Both are unquestionably great, but if forced to pick which one is more valuable to their team right now, Colin thinks Rodgers means more to the Packers.Colin pointed out that the Patriots have already proven that they can win without Tom Brady this year. They also have an underrated rushing attack, the NFL’s top scoring defense, and the best coach in the league. Rodgers, on the other hand, has made his run with a banged-up defense, and a running back that wears a number in the 80’s. He singlehandedly beat the Cowboys last week without Jordy Nelson.There’s also the factor of how the organizations are run. While Belichick is constantly adding new blood through trades and free agency, Green Bay is not active in either, and is only as good as their recent drafts. Rodgers and Brady are both Hall of Fame players, but right now, there’s no one more valuable to their team’s success than Aaron Rodgers.“If you’re gonna talk value, Aaron Rodgers is more valuable, and I think Favre was because of what they have to overcome.”Distractions matter. In sports, teams often try to shrug off the importance of obvious distractions, but they matter. The Giants said Odell Beckham’s boat trip wasn’t a distraction, then he played poorly and they lost. Alabama said replacing Lane Kiffin as offensive coordinator before the national championship wouldn’t be a distraction, they lost, too.The Antonio Brown Facebook Live video of Mike Tomlin’s postgame speech happened on Sunday night and really broke on Monday. It’s Friday, and it’s still a topic of conversation in the media and amongst the teams. Colin thinks it matters.“So, with Antonio Brown. Here we go. Heading into the weekend, he’s apologizing. Martellus Bennett’s talking about it. It’s been focused on in press conferences multiple times. It’s something.”Draymond Green and Klay Thompson got dissed in the player voting for the all-star game, and Colin thinks it’s because the modern NBA doesn’t get guys like them. Players appreciate freakish talents like Carmelo and John Wall, but don’t appreciate the Warriors willingness and self-awareness to sacrifice individual stats for winning.You can have DeMarcus Cousins all day, Colin will take the type of players like Draymond and Klay that only care about winning games. Colin thinks the biggest blind spot for professional athletes is their tendency to fall in love with great talents, even if they all play on underachieving teams. Give Colin Klay Thompson and you can have DeMarcus Cousins.“If you don’t understand what the Warriors are doing, and you’re voting Draymond and Klay that low, you don’t get it. You’ve got a blind spot. And the players do.”“Players have a blind spot. They see talent as 99% of the equation, and it’s not in this sport.”“Golden State is about sharing. The fact that Kevin Durant can come into this team, take over the scoring dominance, and it has not hurt the chemistry one iota, speaks to the self-awareness, discipline and the intelligence of the Warriors players and organization.”Guests:Cris Carter – FS1 Host and Pro Football Hall of Famer is in-studio to discuss if the Antonio Brown distraction matters; why he agrees with Colin on Russell Westbrook; if he thinks the Pittsburgh defense can stop New England’s offense; why he thinks the Patriots defense is underrated.Pierre Garçon – Washington Redskins wide receiver is in-studio to talk conference championship games; his opinions on the Green Bay defense after playing them this year; if he thinks Kirk Cousins is a franchise quarterback; what it was like to break into the league with Peyton Manning; and what he expects with his upcoming free agency.Albert Breer – Writer for the MMQB is in-studio to pass along the latest NFL buzz, including the Jon Gruden and Peyton Manning to Indianapolis rumors; why he thinks Manning doesn’t think he’s ready to be a football executive yet; where he thinks Manning could end up other than Indy; and why ownership isn’t out of the question either.Jason McIntyre – Founder of The Big Lead and co-host of Speak for Yourself is in-studio to play Guess the Headline for potential AFC/NFC Championship Game upsets; and gives his take on this weekend’s matchups.last_img read more