May 16, 2021
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first_imgMicrotransactions. Do you know anybody who likes them in games? I certainly don’t, in fact, it acts as a deterrent to actually purchasing a console game at launch for me. You really don’t know the full impact of microtransactions until you play the game, and finding out a developer has gone too far after spending $60 is more than a little frustrating.So it’s very frustrating and annoying to discover that Konami has decided to inject optional microtransactions into Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. There’s no detail yet on what these transactions will be (which is pretty typical pre-launch), but they are listed on the PlayStation Store pre-order page for the game as a single line stating “In-game purchases optional.” That’s long-hand for microtransactions.Clearly Konami is not satisfied with just collecting the guaranteed profit from what will be a game that sells millions. They want more, and they have tweaked the gameplay to allow for microtransactions to exist. Unfortunately, the majority of gamers won’t realize they form part of the experience until after purchase, and therefore Konami will likely count the addition as a success, especially if people start buying the in-game purchases in the thousands.Previews of The Phantom Pain have suggested microtransactions before. In particular, the use of the in-game currency Gross Military Product (GMP) to build your base. Building takes time and money, so it seems likely Konami will allow you to speed up this process by purchasing reduced build times as well as buying more GMP to spend. We may also see in-game items offered for sale, for example, shields, cardboard box designs, and Metal Gear Online XP boost packs. Yes, they are all optional, but they only exist to generate more profit.Konami really has imploded recently, what with the Kojima split, Silent Hills being canceled, and future focus on mobile games. It seems The Phantom Pain could be the last big console game from the publisher anyone cares about. Let’s just hope it doesn’t leave a bad taste in gamer’s mouths because of microtransactions.[H/T to All Games Beta for PlayStation Store image]last_img read more