May 13, 2021
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Rabat – Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika made a rare public appearance on Tuesday, following a weeklong trip to France for medical reasons. The North African leader sat with Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed, the Deputy Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates (UAE), during the Gulf leader’s one-day trip to Algiers.The government-run Algerian news channel showed footage of the 79-year-old head of state speaking with the Emirati official on joint economic development projects.Bouteflika returned from Grenoble last Tuesday after completing “routine” health checks in the French city. The president’s shaky health condition has been the concern of Algerians, especially after the stroke he suffered in April 2013. Bouteflika was transported to a hospital in Paris for treatment.After a three-month stay in the European country, the leader fulfilled most of his duties via letters to the Algerian people and private meeting with his closest political allies.Since then, Bouteflika, who took power in 1999, has made several rounds to French and Swiss hospitals for check-ups and treatments related to his mental and physical health.Sources from Algiers say a power vacuum formed in 2013, leaving the largest country in Africa by landmass without clear political vision.After global oil prices took a dive two years ago, the country has struggled to pay wages to its massive public sector workforce. As pointed out by the International Monetary Fund earlier this month, the country’s weak private sector would make it difficult for Algerians to find work if recommended austerity measures and economic reforms were to be carried out. read more