May 11, 2021
  • 6:00 am The pattern of growth and translocation of photosynthate in a tundra moss, Polytrichum alpinum
  • 5:59 am Aspects of the biology of Antarctomysis maxima (Crustacea: Mysidacea)
  • 5:58 am Belemnite battlefields
  • 5:54 am Middle Jurassic air fall tuff in the sedimentary Latady Formation, eastern Ellsworth Land
  • 5:53 am Concentration, molecular weight distribution and neutral sugar composition of DOC in maritime Antarctic lakes of differing trophic status

Rabat – The number of tourist arrivals in Tetouan has increased by 16 percent during the first five months of 2017, revealed a report published by the city’s provincial Tourism Commissary on July 28.According to Maghreb News Agency, hotels in the provinces of Tetouan, Chefchaouen, Larache and at the prefecture of M’diq Fnideq registered 55,908 tourist arrivals between January and May 2017, compared to 48,234 during the same period in 2016. This represents an increase of 16 percent.The number of foreign tourists who visited the four provinces during the five-month period this year  totaled 16,119 tourists, contributing to a 38 percent year-on-year increase.The number of national tourists reached 39,789 in the 2017 period, a 9 percent increase from the same period previous year. During the first five months of 2017, these regions’ hotels recorded a total of 104,112 overnight stays, compared to 86,493 between January and May 2016, representing a 20 percent increase.Spanish nationals comprised the largest nationality of tourists in the northern Moroccan region at 4,623. Americans followed (2,829), then French (2,127), Arabs (1,280), Germans (375), Portuguese (373), British (360), Italians (316) and Belgians.Four-star hotels were most popular, receiving 19,693 tourists, followed by 3-star hotels with 16,949 guests, 2-star hotels (7,379), 1-star hotels (6,310), 5-star hotels (4,874), guest houses (1,091), tourist residences (177).Regarding the number of overnight stays, 4-star hotels recorded 40,710 nights by the end of May this year, followed by 3-star hotels (30,704), 5-stars (11,516), 2-stars (10,664) and 1-star (1775) and tourist residences (279). read more